Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Downfall of the SAT

Over the years, the SAT has become the bane of high school students across the country. However, things weren't always like this. The SAT used to be something you'd just walk in and take, with little to no prior preparation. Fast forward several decades though, and the SAT has become a grueling 3 hour and 45 minute test, spitting question after question at students whose fates will ultimately be determined by their scores on the test. Because the SAT has become such an integral part of every prospective high school student's life, it has spawned countless tutoring services and textbooks, which have in turn introduced a sort of socioeconomic factor into the test. Essentially, those who can afford to invest the time and capital into test preparation will succeed, while others who cannot will suffer from their disadvantages. In a cruel twist of irony, CollegeBoard reports that the SAT is "uncoachable", as if to make some sort of feeble attempt to put an end to the flagrant bias that plagues the test today. For students across America, the SAT has turned into a test that not only fails to assess their capabilities in academics, but also fails to compensate for the socioeconomic differences in its takers, which was it's initial purpose.

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